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DASH SHAW at the Isotope!

Join us and comic creating genius Dash Shaw in celebration of his latest book BODYWORLD from Pantheon

April 27th 2010 (click here for more info)


Need Driving Directions to the Isotope? Click here!

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Babs Interviews John Layman - click to watch

Missed the incredible CHEW-a-Palooza event at Isotope last weekend? Sad that you didn't get a copy of CHEW #1 autographed? Kicking yourself that you missed an opportunity to get frisky with an "Avian Flu" cocktail? Bummed out you weren't there for the Layman/Crosland reunion? Heartbroken you didn't get to meet John Layman and ask him where he gets all those crazy ideas from?

Well we can't help you with those first ones, but the always fab Babs from Comic Vine (we adore her) conducts a live interview with the rather awesome Mister Layman straight from the Isotope's front door. You'll definitely want to take time out of your busy schedule to watch this great interview!

WATCH: Comic Vine's exclusive John Layman interview

And while we're all re-living the event, go ahead and check out and enjoy these great party photos from Chunk and witness the eating of the Beet-Pickled Egg thanks to photographer James Masente... and watch this space for the Isotope's official photos tomorrow!

UPDATE: The secret story behind the Beet-Pickled Egg from the culprit himself (w/ lots of great photos)!

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Friday, November 02, 2007

The gizmo-worshipping nerd-fashionistas among you already know all about Revison3's awesome Tekzilla show. Keeping an eye on the cutting edge and a finger pressed on the "what's hot" pulse, the Tekzilla hosts are hopelessly devoted to all sorts of sexy nerd know-how and the high alter of gorgeous geek chic.

This week they visit the Isotope and get down with one of my favorite new releases. Check out the latest episode show notes:

We're not sure how our Producer, Heather, snuck out of the office to hit one of our fave local comic stores, Isotope. We do know that she scored the trade paperback of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Long Way Home. It's the first five issues of Josh Whedon's Season 8 of the show that ended in 2003.

If you've ever secretly dreamed about seeing me ring comics up at near light speed you're going to love checking this out! I've imbedded the episode here so you can go ahead and watch the show from the comfort of the Isotope website, or you can click on through if you'd like.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Stuck at Home for Halloween?
Rob Zombie Does the YouTube

Happy Halloween from your friends at the Isotope!

After taking a couple weeks of internet detox, it brings me great joy to return to the communique with lots of tricks and treats in celebration of one of my favorite holidays of all! As most of you probably already know we're throwing a massive all-hallows eve bash tonight, but for those of you who won't be lurking the streets, the parties, and the bars tonight allow me to point your browsers towards a fright-filled festival you can enjjoy from the comfort of your very own desk or laptop...

Famed horror rocker and director Rob Zombie has taken over the YouTube and unleashing the terror by hand-picking the most horrifying videos on the internet, along with various tongue-in-cheek video parody trailers of Zombie's controversial Halloween remake. If that wasn't enough to celebrate the day long witching hour holiday, Mister Zombie is also giving away free VIP concert tickets for life too!

You won't want to miss music videos like The Zombeatles - "A Hard Day's Night of the Living Dead", cool Halloween instructional how-to movies, and the hilarious mini-feature House of 1000 Muppets.

Rob Zombie's YouTube Halloween Video Fest

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Remember that Left On Mission Trailer Contest we held with our friends at Boom Entertainment? Well here's the winner:

Wow, nice! Congrats out to Craig Kennedy of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom for doing such a great job!

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Recently Declassified Video
From the Isotopic Vaults

While the upcoming Ed Brubaker Criminal launch here at the Isotope promises to be a jazz-infused event of mythically noir proprotions, complete with amazing cocktails from yesteryear courtesy of bartender Kirsten Baldock's 1935 Old Mister Boston Guide, and therefore the event will be nothing like the footage you are about to see!

We thought it was good time to celebrate one of our favorite Brubaker in-stores of times past with this freshly declassified video footage from our Sleeper launch event.


UPDATE: My in-box has been flooded this morning with requests for that awesome Motorhead cover of Iron Maiden's "The Trooper." Click here for your own copy, and while you're there be sure to check out "Highway To Hell" and the video of Lemmy and Mikkey destroying a car!

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

One Evening + Five Tiki Bars
= Hilarious Video Footage

Ladies and gentlemen, now you can witness with your own two eyes recently declassified footage from the Isotope's WonderCon weekend Tiki Tour with Adam Beechen and iFanboy. Perhaps out best tour of SF tiki bars yet, we packed every island themed retreat we hit, made dozens of new friends and compatriots, and burned through the city streets with a crew of cool comic nerds and nerdettes running 40 deep.

Check out the footage from the evening too see some hilarious fruity drink enhanced freudian slips, lots of great Polynesian drinking joints, and your friends from Isotope and iFanboy having one hell of a great time! The boys were also kind enough to jam-pack their WonderCon report with interviews with David Mack, Matt Wagner, Matt Silady, Phil Jimenez, Judd Winick, Mindy Owens, and our featured Tiki Tour guest Adam Beechen.

But trust us... you're going to want to watch this video for our Cultural Attaché Josh Richardson's Captain America rant alone.

click to play

Brilliant, Mister Richardson. Simply brilliant.

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Friday, February 09, 2007

For everyone who missed the hot Uke Apocalypse show last month on the Isotope stage... here's live footage of Stella, Just Henry, and 5 Cent Coffee rocking out a beautiful rendition of David Bowie's classic Five Years.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The King of Comics Talks Creativity
In A Rare Video Interview from 1987

In comics and out, there are few creative figures greater than Jack Kirby. As the co-creator of the Fantastic Four, X-Men, Captain America, The Hulk, and Darkseid Kirby's immortal creations live on in both the pages of today's comics and on the silver screen.

And today we're sharing with you this video clip from the long out-of-print Masters Of Comic Book Art series of documentaries introduced by Harlan Ellison. Kirby talks about the genesis of his space spanning Marvel comics, the creation of Silver Surfer and Galactus, and the ultimate realization of the concepts behind them... the epic New Gods comics for DC.

Hearing when Jack says "If my life were to end tomorrow it would be fulfilled" brought a tear to our eyes. We'll forever miss your love for new ideas and the medium itself, Jack!

For more love for the King of Comics check out a couple more videos. Jack Kirby portrait and more by Rick Geary.

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Friday, November 03, 2006

More Jared Guenther on the Red Carpet
& a Long-Awaited First Look @ Bad Penny

This is what we here at the Isotope love to see: our friends and co-workers doing great and getting some glory too!

A couple weekends back the Communique reported on one of the many movies Jared has done makeup and special effects for Fallen Angels getting the world-premiere treatment at the famous Mann's Chinese Theatre and now we've got pictures from his red carpet moment.

But first, let's talk about another flick our amigo has worked on, because editing has just finished on Bad Penny and the first trailer is finally available. Even before Jared started working with him we were already fans of director Jesse Kerman's work on the black comedy shorts Night of the Living Lush and Working Stiff which is featured on Troma Entertainment's The Best of Tromadance Vol 3. So you can imagine how excited we've been to see what gloriousness is created with these two working together...

(keep tabs on Bad Penny development here @ myspace)

We've gotta say we definitely like what we see! We can't wait until 2007 to see more of what Jared and Mister Kerman have up their sleeves!

And, as promised, we leave you with a couple pictures of Mister Guenther along with Chase Worthington and CJ Goodman on the red carpet for the Fallen Angels premiere, shamelessly pilferred from one of those big celebrity photo sites. Click over to to see more.

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