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Join us and comic creating genius Dash Shaw in celebration of his latest book BODYWORLD from Pantheon

April 27th 2010 (click here for more info)


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Thursday, December 13, 2007

James Sime on Comic Geek Speak Podcast
Talking Comics, Retailing & Industry's Future

I'm pretty sure everybody knows how much I dig the various comic book podcasts out there. I threw a huge party with iFanboy back in February, moderated a 2007 comics podcasting panel with I Read Comics, chatted up the Kryptographik 'cast with fellow Eisner judges, did the stunt-hair-and-suit bit for Tekzilla, and now...

Comic Geek Speak.

CGS is one of my favorite comic-centric podcasts of all. With a great mix of industry news, opinion, interviews, and just enough of that hard-core comic nerdiness I love. They bring it all to the table as far as I concerned with plenty of fun, comics smarts, and good old entertainment. It is also religiously listened to by many of my favorite Isotope patrons and while I'm always painfully and perpetually behind on listening to all my favorite podcast shows, the CGS is definitely always near the top of my "must listen" lists.

I'm sure you can all imagine that it was quite an honor to be asked to be featured on the show this week! Now admittedly, I did my interview at about the final hour of an insanely busy weekend and my brain was a bit mush, so I was definitely concerned that my answers were scatterbrained and rambling. But thanks to the wonder that is Comic Geek Speak, the synapses got firing well enough and I'm downright giddy to see that the reaction to the episode was really, really good!

So let me invite you all to point your browsers over towards the Comic Geek Speak website or to head on over to the iTunes store to download the episode. I have a few million things to say about comics retailing, books I adore, customer service solutions, and the future of the industry... perhaps you'll like what you hear, too!

Comic Geek Speak Episode 340 w/ James Sime on the CGS website or on iTunes

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Lots to get Excited About @ this Friday's Awards
& My One Last Final Word on the Nominations

Tomorrow's the big night, so let's talk about the Eisners, shall we?

For the uninitiated, the Eisner Awards are the comic industry's highest honor and the annual ceremony is something of an Oscars-like star-studded extravaganza. There just isn't anything bigger in the biz.

This year I was chosen to be one of the judges of these prestigious awards, along with my fellow judges Whitney Matheson, Chris Reilly, Jeff VanderMeer , and Robin Brenner. Back in April we were each flown into San Diego, put up in a truly palatial hotel, and spent one hell of a grueling weekend of nomination choosing. So grueling, in fact, that it quite literally put one of us in the emergency room!

So, you know what... if you don't like the nominations this year, you know who to blame! Oh, and I think you're utterly wrong so I'm not buying your first round next time we go out. Just so you know.

Personally, I'm really proud of the nominations we came up with, the diversity of books and publishers, and the sheer number of "firsts" my fellow judges and I are responsible for. For the first time ever the awards now have a dedicated manga category, also the first time in Eisner Award history Stan Lee is nominated for new work, and even I was surprised to hear that we had nominated a record number of female cartoonists this year (24 total). Heck, even legendary Eisner critic Kim Thompson couldn't complain this year!

And as unlikely as some may think it is I didn't have much of anything to do with either of our Isotope Mini-Comic Award winners getting the Eisner nod, Josh Cotter and Danica Novgorodoff, I even opted out of voting on their books. But I *am* telling you right now... I've got a feeling Danica is taking home the gold!

I've written about my experience judging these awards twice before, but for those who want a candid behind the scenes look at how the nomination process works and want to hear the full story about the hair-raising trip to the emergency room, you're definitely going to want to check out the following links.

READ: Pulse Interview w/ 2007 Eisner Judges
LISTEN: Kryptographics Podcast Interview w/ Reilly & Sime
OBSERVE: 2007 Judges Panel In Their Natural Habitat


Presenting @ This Year's Eisner Ceremony
Isotope's Kirsten Baldock and James Sime

That's right, Kirsten and I will be up on stage under the spotlight presenting three of these awards tomorrow night. We'll be handing out the awards for Best Lettering, Best Coloring, and Best Anthology. What an honor!

Other presenters include the legendary Neil Gaiman, Eric Powell, Alison Bechdel, Sergio Aragones, Whitney Matheson, Bill Morrison, the hilarious Brian Posehn, Reno 911's Tom Lennon and Ben Garant, and the lovely Jane Wiedlin of Go-Gos fame!

Do I actually tell you this one is "not to be missed?" Yeah... I didn't think so. See you there!

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Pride weekend hits San Francisco! If you're here in the city you are going to want to see Pansy Division play and check out some of the many happenings. And for your listening pleasure, our amigo DJ Bearzbub is podcasting a Pride weekend mix to get your backside shaking (check it out here).

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

On The Dawn of Nexus' Glorious Return
Steve Rude The Dude Drops Some Bombs

One of my most cherished comic collections of all is a complete run of Nexus comics. A critically-acclaimed 80's space opera, Nexus was originally published in my hometown of Madison, Wisconsin. These weren't only the most beautiful and smartly written comics I had ever seen up to that point in my life... but even more exciting was that it was done by a couple of homegrown heroes from my very own Mad City!

I can't count the number of times I got to meet author Mike Baron & artist Steve Rude "The Dude" who it seemed were constantly hanging out at Bruce Ayres' wonderful Capital City Comics. Those encounters with these genuinely friendly creators were, quite honestly, a major inspiration and influence on how the Isotope hosts our popular in-store events.

Now that you know that I adore Nexus like Rollins loves doing sit-ups, no doubt you can imagine how downright giddy I've been about the reunion of the Baron/Rude team and the comic's imminent return. The fanboy in me can't help but devour every new story and interview with these creators about the new series!

Soooo... um, imagine if you will, my sound of my jaw hitting the floor when I listened to The Dude do this latest interview with Around Comics. Brutally honest stuff. Wow.

Truly, let it be said that The Dude doesn't really abide all that much.

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Fanboys' Latest Videocast Features
Kirsten Baldock's Smoke & Guns

Another iFanboy post?!

With our two big events this weekend being co-sponsored by our amigos at iFanboy we've a had a lot of folks asking us just what the heck Ron, Conor, Josh and crazy intern Patrick are up to over on their website that's so wonderful that we'd let them co-sponsor two big parties with us. Well, we think that once you check out the pod-and-videocasts these gentlemen are producing, you'll like these guys as much as we do.

To get your Isotope-centric episodes, check out their WonderCon wrap-up, or you can listen to their "live" podcast recorded from upstairs at the Isotope featuring podcast-virgin guest co-host James Sime... who had no idea he was going to be on the show and hopes he didn't make an ass out of himself!

Or better yet, watch iFanboy's review of our Special Project Director Kirsten Baldock's original graphic novel Smoke & Guns.

click to play

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tiki Tour w/ Adam Beechen
Friday, March 2nd

Break out your finest Hawaiian shirts, by extremely popular demand, the Isotope is once again hosting the perfect event for out-of-towners looking to find the coolest spots to drink in SF... our world famous tour of San Francisco tiki bars!

Since the ancient days of yore, the great tiki gods above made blessed the beautiful city of San Francisco with such an over-abundance of watering holes of the tiki variety that it makes others weep with fruity cocktail and indoor rainfall envy. And so for half a decade the Isotope honors the great Island Lords by paying tribute upon the bar stools of the city's many tiki bars. Legend tells that those who can complete the tour are granted the wonderous gift of never-hangover. But no man or woman has ever managed to master the great tour of tiki. The brave still try...

Our featured guest superstar for this event is comic author Adam Beechen! Beechen is rocking the DCU recently with a smokingly good run on Robin, taking over Teen Titans, and he's one of the architects of the massively hyped and oh-so secret Countdown.

Mister Beechen swears to us us that he's not going to reveal the covert details only he and a few others know about DC's massive Countdown mini-series. But can he resist letting those classified secrets slip when the intoxicating power of the Tiki Tour begins flowing through his veins and clouding his judgement? We think not!

Enlarge the flyer here. See last year's Tiki Tour here.

J.M. DeMatteis @ Isotope
Saturday, March 3rd

The Isotope couldn't be more proud to be flying in Mister DeMatteis especially for this event!

Last year's WonderCon celebrations here at the Isotope included the great Grant Morrison, and there is only one man in the entire comic industry who has made a similar career out of defying those same kind of high art/high pulp boundaries of typical comics classifications as Mister Morrison. And that's J.M. DeMatteis.

Author of seminal works that redefined what American comics were and are, Mister DeMatteis is one of the industry's only creators who effortlessly walks back and forth across the line between high art and high pulp comics. Among his hundreds of credits DeMatteis is the writer of Moonshadow, Justice League International, Blood: A Tale, Stardust Kid, Dr. Strange: Shamballa, Abadazad, and the incredible Spider-Man: Kraven's Last Hunt.

We're thrilled to be celebrating this industry giant who was not only was doing Vertigo a full ten years before there even was a Vertigo, but was also writing the best Spider-Man comic of our lifetimes... at the same time!

Enlarge the flyer here. See last year's WonderCon Bash here.

For you hundreds of folks in from out of town who want to swing by the shop while you're here, either to attend our Saturday night bash or just to check out the digs, we're always happy to see you. And don't sweat the city driving, WonderCon is a mere 6 blocks from our front door. Click here for the map

The Isotope's huge WonderCon Weekend celebrations are co-sponsored by our pod-and-video-casting amigos at iFanboy. Slip on your sexiest gear, fix your hair, and try not to sleep with the staff... your wild weekend is about to be broadcast worldwide!

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

InkStuds Presents Bone Creator Jeff Smith
on Shazam & The Monster Society of Evil

Comic podcast InkStuds continues to serve up smartly entertaining indy comics interviews with some of our favorite creators, including Jaime Hernandez, K. Thor Jensen, Ivan Brunetti, and Chester Brown.

This week's episode is a great interview with the man behind Bone and Shazam & The Monster Society of Evil, Jeff Smith. Darn good stuff!

Give it a listen here.

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Monday, September 18, 2006

Did you say an Isotope Podcast?
Well, kind of...

Can't wait for the Isotope to throw their hat into the podcasting ring? Well, dear friends, that day has truly not arrived! However, today we are going to point you toward some comic-based podcasts that we're particularly fond of.

We have been long-time fans of the tangled web of comic and pop culture conversations woven by Ron, Connor and Josh over at iFanboy in their weekly shows. Great comic discussions and the occasional embarrassing personal anecdote, what could be better? This week, along with baring his comic nerd soul, Ron reports in on his trip to San Francisco and a visit to the Isotope. Great stuff!

And while we are talking podcasts, did you know that there is an Isotope-sponsored comic podcast fueled by hand-picked comic goodness right from our shelves? Be sure to check out SFist's wonder of Internet entertainment in which your favorite comics are performed live on the air to fall-out-of-you-chair-laughing results. Don't believe us? Listen to these excerpts from Millie The Model and Agents of Atlas and see what it takes to get free comics from the Isotope!

If you're not subscribing to these podcasts, mi amigos... you're crazy!

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