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Monday, July 09, 2007

The Batmobile Limo, Japanese TV, Jane Wiedlin,
SDCC, Energy Drink BBQ, & Eric Powell's Face!

Wow, I had no idea it had been that long since I last posted up one of these... bad James, bad! For those of you who like trolling the strange and unlikely corners of the internet, the Isotope Mailbag Link-a-Palooza is a collection of information superhighway roadside detritus sent in by our readers for your exploring pleasure. Be sure to pack plenty of emergency rations in case you get lost!

Isotope amigo Steve Nelson has gone completely bats for the Batmobile! First up are these three gorgeous pictures of The Bat Limo, then a link to an article about a three-way Batmobile lawsuit, and Steve also shares with us a link to the Batmobile Customizers Forum where car and Batman geeks show off their very own homemade Batmobiles. Holy hot wheels, Batman!

Heavy in Minneapolis points our browsers back to the amazing world of Bevnet, where the beverage industry turns to get their daily news, gossip, and reviews. "The fourth of July always gets America's grills cooking, and I know you guys know about Beer Can Chicken already. But do you know about Bevnet's taste test of Energy Drinks up-the-ass BBQ chicken?" Heavy, baby, you crack me up!

Shannon always makes sure we're up on the comic industry goodstuff, and just today she wrote in to give a heads-up that the full San Diego Comic Con schedule is finally up. Thanks Shannon! And while we're talking about comic industry goodness, I loved reading fellow retailer Lee Hester's write up on the early years of his shop Lee's Comics. Lee is one of my favorite people in all of comics and his look back on 25 years of retailing is great reading. Read Part One and also check out Part Two.

Reader Steven B once again rocks my in-box with the oddly wonderful. This time he's got clips from some of the greatest Japanese tv shows I've ever seen... with almost no groin damage (thanks for that Steven)! First up is the wonderful Japanese Rube Goldberg Championships, followed up by a nifty show that showcases mind-blowing creativity and more mind-blowing creativity. For those of you who like your shows a bit more physical, I absolutely loved watching this one. Television this fun makes me want to runaway to Tokyo!

I suppose some folks might think it's odd the things people send in for the Isotope Mailbag Link-a-Palooza, but me, I love the "more than just comics" stuff we get! And this one goes out to J who I gave my Big Book O' Beer to and I know will appreciate it. Reader Catherine C thinks we all should learn more about small-batch Bourbon and how it's made. She points us to a really great series of Bourbon-making videos from the Heaven Hill Distillery and a beginner's guide to Bourbon whiskey.

Just in case you always liked leather be-pants Han Solo more than Princess Leia, now R2-D2 can project anything you want. Seriously, who doesn't love some leather pants? Thanks for the link Mark!

Knowing how much my staff and I love all those slightly obscure silly characters in comics (especially the ones with gigantic heads), Isotope amigo Brian C writes in "Why haven't you linked to the M.O.D.O.K. blog yet? And where's that picture of you guys dressed up like Advanced Idea Mechanics agents?" Here you go complete with the Cosmic Cube, Brian... and for as bonus howabout A.I.M. shows Galactus where to get a snack?

Joel Gausten, who I started a correspondence with thanking him for a great little book on the Misfits I really enjoyed and has also just published a book about Prong's early years which I recently ordered, writes in to let me know he's got interviews up with Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward, Public Image Limited bassest Pete Jones, and Ministry second-in-command Chris Connelly. Joel's interviews are always wonderfully informative and fascinating, so I definitely think you should check 'em out.

And let's end this massive trip around the internet by talking once more about the wonderful world of comics, shall we...?

Our South bay amigo Jeremy points us to the cost of 100 Bullets cover artist Dave Johnson's gallbladder removal, wow! Thank god he has insurance! And on a more amusing note, Isotope Enforcer Jared Guenther points out that comic artist Tony Moore has made a mask of Eric Powell's face and is telling the industry to "download, print, snip and start taking your very own pictures of THE GOON's Eric Powell in compromising positions!"

And last but certainly not least... from the you-heard-it-here-first department: the oh-so glamorous Jane Wiedlin is going to be doing the Eisner Awards ceremony this year! Seriously, what could be better?

Want to be part of a future Isotope Mailing Bag Link-a-Palooza? Send those crazy links to my address! For those who are still hungry to dig even deeper on these internet backroads, check out previous mailbag installments here, here, here, and here.

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Monday, December 11, 2006

Elvis Cups, True Love, Persepolis: The Movie
DIY Zombie, Trooper, & Yummy Bus Stops

That's right, it's the return of the ever-popular Isotope Mailbag Link-a-Palooza, wherein we collectively explore the brilliant, bawdy, and bizarre corners of the internet thanks to readers like you. If this massive assortment of dead-ends on the information superhighway doesn't exhaust you, you can always check out previous installments here, here, and here.

First up is some local news from Jenny Drake that's surely going to bum out everyone who rides SF public transportation. Those brilliantly bizarre scratch n' sniff bus stop ads that smell of freshly baked cookies are out. Oh and we were soooo looking forward to sniffing the Muni stops!

Heather H keeps us up to date with more great indy comic news, including a link to Sony Classic's official website for Persepolis: The Movie and to Persepolis author Marjane Satrapi's blog, both of which make us pretty darn excited to hit the theaters in 2007. Thanks, Heather!

Chris Reed has been keeping our in-box active all week long with more news from the world of music than we know what to do with! We're not exactly sure what we like most, seeing Weird America do Devo or even more rare Johnny Cash footage? Nine Inch Nails songs lullaby-ed for babies or video of Black Sabbath playing the 1970 San Francisco Gay Pride Parade? Elvis themed peanut butter & banana creme Reese's Peanut Butter Cup or Metallica promising to do the snake eating it's own tail routine? Or could it be Danzig threatening to kill the guy who got our recent Santa Cruz show cancelled?

Well whatever the case, we definitely approve of seeing Trio's "Da Da Da" topping Russian President Vladimir Putin's playlist. Way to keep us up on the world of music, Chris! Now go watch the hilarious booze-&-violence filled video for Trio's classic song... and speaking of music, if the comic industry ever starts acting as outright stupid as the music industry is remind us to try our hand at something else.

Now that we've vented, let's get back on track with a not-to-be-missed YouTube video and some goodies from Isotope amigo Kaytea who checks in DIY Zombie and some great English-as-a-second-language testimonials about true love. Ah... life is good, isn't it?

Some folks just know what we like! Which is why Steven B sends us links like this beautiful collection of cheesy old album covers, the we'll-check-this-every-day Junk Food Blog, a newly re-vitalized, this collection of 59 Jaw-Dropping Roadside Attractions (including a couple of our favorites: Carhenge and an entire Wyoming town devoted to the Jackalope), and this eHow article entitled "How to Fix Hair Disasters." Wait... what?!

And rounding out a huge Link-a-Palooza:

Alan David Doane. of Comic Book Galaxy fame, just about had us falling out of our chairs with this next one, The Top Ten Worst Company URLs. Which include the Experts Exchange, a knowledge base where programmers can exchange advice and views at, the Italian Power Generator company with the unfortunate web addressx of, Pen Island a place for fine pens can be found at, and the Mole Station Native Nursery who perhaps take the prize for on this one... More at Top Ten Worst Company URLs.

There's just no topping that, friends.

Want to be part of a future Isotope Mailing Bag Link-a-Palooza? Send those crazy links to our address!

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Monstrous Records, Chris Ware, D&D, Johnny Cash,
Eric Powell, Sticky-Backed Superheroes & Chick Tracts

The Isotope in-box has been over-flowing with email goodness, and once again we're digging deep to share with you what Isotope Communique readers have been sharing with us. Check out this massive assortment of some of the strangest internety places our people have been going to... it's time for a double-sized dose of the Isotope Mailbag Link-a-Palooza!

As you might expect, Isotope Enforcer Jared Guenther would like us to put as much Halloween treats as humanly possible in this post and he starts us off in perfect style with a jaw-droppingly amazing Bollywood clip by Chiru... I don't know what he's singing about but for some reason I just can't help thinking this might be the greatest music video ever made. And it's Halloween themed, too!

Here's a great one from Shannon: "With Halloween coming up I thought you guys might appreciate this pair of websites. Here's one with scans of Alcoholics Anonymous strips from 1968 to 1974. And this one has every Chick Tract ever published." Yep, those links were great, thanks for thinking of us! Hey wait a minute, are you trying to tell us something... ?

Our friend Kaytea writes in to tell us to let you all know that Gene Yang's American Born Chinese has been nominated for the prestigious National Book Award... the first comic ever! Here at the Isotope we knew that this book was going to make waves from day one, which is why we made sure our guests got the chance to help Gene launch it, but even we were surprised to hear the historic news! Click here for Gene's after-announcement reaction. For those of you who haven't checked out this wonderfully charming book yet, expect to see a big restock coming into the Isotope next week!

Our pal Todd H beams in from the rock he's been hiding under to point us towards this news about an actual Van Halen reunion in 2007. Hey Todd, that's the news we've been waiting for since 1985! And now with Eddie's ability to cure cancer nothing can stop 'em! Here's hoping that Eddie doesn't once again tell Dave "You damn wippersnapper best get outta my yard, or I'll get my gun!"

Oh Dungeons & Dragons, you're always getting people in trouble! First it was our middle-school grades, then it was the time our friend Marc Tormey broke his gaming table in a fit of orcish rage, and now D&D is making people kill each other! South bay amigo Jeremy asks "What's the world coming to? Can't we all just get along?"

Our friend Heavy in Minneapolis is apparently going on something of a Johnny Cash bender because he's got a stack of great links for us. Footage of young Johnny Cash playing Folsom Prison Blues back in 1959, a whole Cash album available for streaming, Johnny doing Tall Tails on a children's show, footage from his final performance, and even a Christian Johnny Cash comic book about how June Carter got him off drugs. We definitely want to read that!

Heather H knows where all the good comic stuff on the web lives, apparently. Good thing for us she also likes to share it! This time Ms H points us towards this interview with Chris Ware and this five page preview of his upcoming book. Hot damn, we can't wait for that!

Jennifer Gunderson is really excited about Marvel premiering their new superhero on the Guiding Light. That's not just hilarious, we think it's a pretty slick move to get more guys watching daytime soaps. James A also wrote in and he's even more excited than Jennifer is, but for James it's all about the new videogame La Noire which we agree looks beautiful! In fact both of these people were so excited about sending us these links that it got us thinking that maybe those guys work for the publicity departments at CBS and Rockstar Games... and what do you know? They do!

Larry Young who just got back from a three-week long trip to New Zealand, and has tons of crazy stories about little blue penguins, Wita Effects, and glacier walking is going to love this next geeky link, courtesy of reader Richard M... a Star Trek TNG interface running on a Nokia internet tablet. Nerds rule!

This one goes out to Emily Stackhouse who has been known to write us letters for our actual mailbos from time to time, they've just announced a line of Marvel Comics postage stamps to go along with those great DC Comics stamps that you've been mailing us with. Looks like we're going to finally get some Sub-Mariner stamps to send out our envelopes with! And as always, we await your next ridiculous superhero-adorned missive.

Remember those crazy-cool record/comic combos that were all the rage back in the 60's and 70's? The ones with the full-cast recordings read right straight out of the comic, including all those wacky hype-filled blurbs on the covers? Yeah, we've got some of those! We were thrilled when Chris Reed dialed up the wayback machine and pointed us towards some spooky blasts from Marvel Monsters past, a perfect addition to your Halloween weekend. You won't want to go without listening to Man Thing: Night of the Laughing Dead! and The Curse of the Werewolf!, read to you by Stan The Man himself!

And if all that wasn't enough to make us thank the mailbag gods above for our good fortune, David Dee blows our Halloween-addled minds by showing us one of the greatest original art commissions we've ever seen. Can you say Eric Powell's The Goon vs. Marvel Zombies? Wow.

Want to be part of a future Isotope Mailing Bag Link-a-Palooza? Send those crazy links to our address!

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Monday, September 11, 2006

Remixed Comics, Awesome Sci-Fi, James Jean,
& Eddie Van Halen Finds The Cure For Cancer!

This week we're digging deep into the big bag that is the Isotope in-box and pulling forth a massive array of strange, surreal, and seductive goodies for you to indulge your browsers in. That's right, it's time wasting time again, boys and girls! It's time for the Isotope Mailbag Link-a-Palooza!

We're kicking this week off with a tasty tidbit coming in from the Isotope's best pal from Minneapolis Heavy who sends us a link to the the jaw-dropping announcement that, yes, Eddie Van Halen has developed the cure for cancer. He plays guitar, he drinks whole bottles of whiskey, and he cures cancer too! How about that?

And as if he just knew we were going to be posting about our favorite has-been rock and roll heroes of yesteryear making fools out of themselves, Thwip beams in with a mind-numbingly classic advertisment for the Journey Escape videogame. Watch and be amazed! We certainly have fond memories of the arcade version back in the day! 25 cents to kill Steve Perry? Man, did we love that game!

Another peek into the Isotope mailbag reveals David Dee who gives us the good word that there isn't just a new interview with 2005 Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics winner Daniel Merlin Goodbrey over at TalkAboutComics, but that Daniel's also doing a new-every-Tuesday webcomic Brain Fist which can be found featured over on the Modern Tales site. Nice!

We've also got another gem in from Heather H. who dazzles our minds with a link to Fables cover artist James Jean's Sketchblog which is filled to over-flowing with amazing art from the master himself. If you haven't already picked up a copy of AdHouse Books' James Jean sketchbook Process Recess Heather says "you'd better!" And that's what we call great advice!

Our next mailbag grab goes out to Dennis Culver: Remember that atrocious video Isotope Enforcer Jared showed us of that Marvel Comics' parade float from 1989? Well, Mister Culver, Jared's delivering for you the video from the year before as well. Can you say "Doctor Doom's panties?" I think you can!

Larry Young points us on over to Ian Brill's blog to show us that Mister Brill has finally taken his advice and seen one of the greatest science fiction movies of all time. And while it might not be as essential, the Isotope still thinks Barbarella should be next on your educational list, Mister Brill!

On the funnybook front, Isotope Bon Vivant Ian Yarborough sends us a mouth-foaming rant about how much he loves Jay Pinkerton's website which features hilarious delusions of Prince's 8-Bit Nintendo Batman Game, an ad to help you throw your voice someplace it should never go, and lots and lots of classic comic remixes. Speaking of which, you've all seen BeaucoupKevin's brilliant Just Imagine Stan Lee Creates The Watchmen, right?

Apparently dancin' fool Sean Maher (who is going to be so unhappy when he sees that video) isn't the only one who enjoys The Gourds twangified version of Gin & Juice and here's the video to prove it! Thanks Chris Reed!

While blogger extrodinaire Alan David Doane is back in our in-box with a great review of the Harvey Pekar edited anthology The Best American Comics 2006, Isotope amigo Steve Nelson is more interested in fighting which is why he's pointing our browsers towards the "hot or not" inspired Those are some great links guys!

And last but not least... Ash Aiwase writes in with nothing more than a link and the subject line "Cover of the Year." And you know what? He might be right!

Want to be part of a future Isotope Mailing Bag Link-a-Palooza? You know where to send those emails, right?

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