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DASH SHAW at the Isotope!

Join us and comic creating genius Dash Shaw in celebration of his latest book BODYWORLD from Pantheon

April 27th 2010 (click here for more info)


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Monday, July 31, 2006

A Zombie Art Show
Both Visceral & Subtle

You know it, we know it: Zombies have captured the collective hearts of the nation.

Is it their adorable stumblings that make us love them so, or could it be those amusingly comical limb-and-innards-losing antics that put a collective grin on all our faces? Have we found a pure infatuation with the darling way that they reach for us longingly or is it pride that we feel when we see our dear zombie friends working so tirelessly to increase their ever-growing numbers? Do we love them for their delightful hunger for all things cerebral and meaty or is it that ambrosial scent of rot that follows them hither and yon that makes us squeal with delight?

Well whatever the case, if you're like us you sure dothem zombies. So you'll surely want to go see this fine art show dedicated to the little buggers!

Brains - A Zombie Art Show
@ Space Gallery
1141 Polk St
Opening Reception: Friday, August 4th 7pm

Going All The Way Back
For A Blast from the Past

While you prepare yourselves for the imminent arrival of the most exhaled cover artist of our times, the rambunctious reverend Dave Johnson, here's a little something that we think you might enjoy... the Isotope Event Flyer Archive. It's no exaggeration that Isotope events are the stuff of comic industry legend, and one look at this archive will tell you why. These are the events that have skyrocketed careers, saved threatened books from cancellation, blackened livers, and made even the best comic stores the world over look downright sickly by comparison.

This, dear friends, is how we do it.

Witness five years of glorious flyers from those famous Isotope events you only wished you could have attended. Including the Ed Brubaker Armwrestlethon, the elegant Bombaby Bollywood Bash, the historic 31 day Brian Wood Month in-store, the blood-drenched Steve Niles Zombiefest, the outrageous Low Rent Celebrity Bash... and yes, even the legendary Warren Ellis Scotch Tasting.

Ladies and gentlemen, point your browsers towards Isotope Event Flyer Archive

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Isotope Takes Home The Gold
"2006's Best Comic Book Store"

Famous the world over for offering the best independent reporting of news, culture, arts, and entertainment the SF Bay Guardian also honors the city's best with their annual Best of the Bay awards for the past 32 years. We here at the Isotope know that in a city as diverse and great as San Francisco is it's a huge honor to be chosen by the Guardian's readers as the cream of the crop.

We couldn't be happier to see so many of our personal favorites like Sauce winning for both "Best New Restaurant" and "Best Appetizer," the hard rocking ladies from AC/Dshe taking home the much-deserved gold for "Best Cover Band," Michelle Tea being awarded "Best Local Author", Al's Comics being bestowed with the "Kiss My Comics Ass, I'm Moving" award, our friends at AIT-PlanetLar bringing home the "Best Local Publishing House" gold, Annie's Social Club being recognized for "Best Return to Rock & Roll Roots," and the Isotope's own Hayes Valley being awarded "Best Neighborhood!"

Thanks again to the Guardian for the very kind words, and to the SF Bay Area for all the love!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

No doubt you were already planning on stopping in to the Isotope this weekend when Mindy & Sara take over but in case you were thinking these ladies were planning on just punching in sales on the cash register, Mindy informs us that the Owens twins are going to be throwing a little something called Sparks Sunday...

Damn near made us skip San Diego when we heard they were throwing this!

Update: Check out this thread to learn more about what Mindy & Sara have planned for your weekend.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Your Summer Just Got Twice As Great
Saturday & Sunday @ the Isotope

It's San Diego Comic Con weekend and that means that our staff will be embarking on our traditional annual journey to the funnybook infused world of convention-land, but we won't be leaving you Isotope-less this weekend. No sir!

In fact, we've got something special lined up for you this year. Let us introduce you to two of our favorite comic loving ladies... Sara & Mindy Owens!
(pictured here with Brian K. Vaughan)

For those of you not already familiar with these twin firebrands, you'll definitely want to stop by to introduce yourself, talk comics with these true connoisseurs, and experience a whole new Isotope vibe.

Friday June 21st - Closed
Saturday June 22nd - Mindy & Sara
Sunday June 23rd - Mindy & Sara

Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Preview At Long Last
James Callahan's Rotting In Dirtville

Since first gracing the Isotope's walls back in 2004, artist James Callahan's addition to the Comic Rockstars Toilet Seat Museum has proven a consistant favorite. There can be no denying that Callahan's lid routinely has more views than well known industry veterans like Erik Larsen, Judd Winick, Kyle Baker, and Ed Brubaker as well as blowing away the hottest newcomers on the scene like Kazu Kibuishi, Brian Wood, Becky Cloonan, and Eric Powell.

But who is this "James Callahan?" And will you ever be able to get your hands on an original graphic novel by him? And could it please be about Martians, teenagers, small towns, and robotic zombie corpses?

Yes, yes it can.

Rotting In Dirtville interview & preview

Two editions of BOOM! Entertainment's upcoming Dave Johnson Sketchbook 2006:

#1. The regular edition found in fine comics stores everywhere.
#2. The Isotope edition premiering during Dave Johnson's Cataclysmic In-Store.

Click covers to enlarge, and click here for the Milkshake song that inspired this post's title.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Isotope Nerds Out to Dr Strange
by Brian K Vaughan & Marcos Martin

Indulge us, dear friends, as we take little geek-out time this Saturday afternoon. Sure, you've all see the good Doctor's cape lording over the world here at the Isotope, and you've probably even seen our Jim Lee Master of the Mystic Arts toilet seat as well, and maybe you've even seen Isotope Proprietor James Sime doing the Doc thing too... so you already know that 'round these parts Doctor Strange is well loved!

And what could be better to geek out on than a sneak peek at Brian K Vaughan & Marcos Martin's new series?

Click here for more

Friday, July 14, 2006

Bruises, Breaks & Blackeyes
c/o the Bay Area Derby Girls

Forget the sanitized stuff they're passing for roller derby to the safe-for-TV-audiences-everywhere set... we here at the Isotope prefer our full-contact derby dolls be the Bay Area Derby Girls type: down and dirty and ready to rock.

Last time we told you to show your support for our local she-devils on wheels was for their fundraiser to get the girls first-aid kits, but this time we're inviting you to come out and enjoy an evening of high speed action rinkside with the Isotope staff. Bring your id, your rowdiest friends, your spare liver, and your appreciation for the San Francisco Bay Area's hardest hitting hell's belles.

Bay Area Derby Girls
@ Dry Ice 210 Hegenberger Loop, Oakland
Saturday, July 15
8:30 PM

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Celebrating the Birth of Jared
w/ Great Comics & Great Times

Stand up and testify, brothers and sisters!

In a week where your friends at the Isotope are celebrating a jam-packed week full of great funnybook reads like Scarlet Traces: The Great Game, Shaolin Cowboy, and Walking Dead, we couldn't be happier to have this amazing day coordinating with a special day for the Isotope Enforcer...

Stop on in and show Jared some love, won't you?

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Continuity Art Show
In Pictures and Video

Last Thursday night's event here at the Isotope was just as rip-roaring as we thought it was going to be! With a great crowd of sexy folks, an adult beverage list packed to the gills with great cocktails, and artist Tony Talbert bringing his original graphic novel cover to life on the loveliest human canvas in recent memory, Shotgun Sheila... an evening none who attended will forget anytime soon!

And never let it be said that your friends at the Isotope are ones for leaving folks out of a good time. So grab your popcorn, my fellow internet aeronauts, and point your browsers to the newly uploaded photos and video from this sensational event.

Continuity Art Show photos @ Flickr here

Continuity Art Show video @ YouTube here

Thursday, July 06, 2006

What You've Been Waiting For:
The Continuity Art Show

Make the scene tonight with the creative team behind Continuity when we spin our psychotronic Continuity Art Show to a sudden stop.

Those luckiest among you who attended our last event with author Jason McNamara and artist Tony Talbert will remember how the Low Rent Celebrity Bash burned up the SF gossip columns the next week, and we expect this one to do the same. Behind the Isotope bar, Kirsten Baldock will be debuting our new adult beverage inspired by the pharmaceutical police state that is dreamed up within the pages of McNamara and Talbert's original graphic novel ... Cotton Candy Morphine. And in the front window artist Tony Talbert painting unseen Continuity scenarios on a half-naked woman.

The Continuity Art Show
Closing reception Thursday July 6th
8pm - Midnight

UPDATE: Because everyone has been calling us asking who the half-naked woman Tony is going to be painting on this evening, let us introduce you to San Francisco's own survivalist cutie Shotgun Sheila

Day Eighteen (Thursday July 6th)

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Happy birthday Deborah Harry.