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DASH SHAW at the Isotope!

Join us and comic creating genius Dash Shaw in celebration of his latest book BODYWORLD from Pantheon

April 27th 2010 (click here for more info)


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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend
Moves New Comics to Thursday

What a week to be excited about comics!

One look at this week's shipping list which includes the incredible Abadazad collections, the first of the new Hero Squared series, the penultimate chapter of the gorgeous Iron Man The Inevitable, book three of Grant Morrison's brilliant Seven Soldiers of Victory, and the long-awaited Five Fists of Science and it's hard not to be thrilled about getting our collective hands on the latest goods.

Despite some mixed signals our distributor might be sending your way this week... our ever dilligent staff told you true when we promised a Thursday shipping date because of Memorial Day for this week.

And isn't something cool going on here at the Isotope this Thursday? Yes, as a matter of fact something cool is!

Now truly... what could be better?

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Another Landmark
In the Lounge Legacy

We know you've been sitting on the edge of your proverbial seats a-waiting a fresh-from-the-oven message from your friends here on the Isotope Communique. Well my brothers and sisters, when we serve up the piping hot goods we're sure to get your mouths a-waterin'. So in the spirit of epicurean indulgence I'm slipping on the Isotopic oven mitts and giving you some of that freshly baked goodness to devour. Yes, sah!

This Thursday is a special day here at the Isotope. Oh sure, we love Marilyn Monroe, but it's not her birthday we'll be celebrating...

Stop in and share the love.

- James

Friday, May 12, 2006

The Skywalker That Ended Up
On the Editing Room Floor

Not a hoax, not a dream! An honest to goodness long-lost scene from Star Wars... and here at the Isotope when we say "Star Wars" we don't mean that watered down crap they're passing off to the youngsters these days. We mean Star Wars.

Click here to check out 5 minutes of deleted Luke and Biggs action

Better catch this before George Lucas' lawyers do!

Darwyn Cooke's DC: The New Frontier
Gets the Absolute Treatment

Okay, we can't contain ourselves... hooray!

Kicking off our weekend with some truly delightful funnybook news, DC has announced a fistful of new graphic novel collections that have us geeking out in the most undiluted way imaginable. You'd better believe we'll be ordering ourselves copies of the new Phantom Stranger, Unknown Soldier, and Adam Strange collections... but the most exciting news of all is that Darwyn Cooke's sexy superheroic epic mini-series DC: The New Frontier is getting compiled into one glorious Absolute Edition hardcover this October.

Expect to see this over-sized slipcased hardcover packed with 464 pages of jaw-dropping art, a pin-up gallery, some never-before-seen deleted scenes, and one heck of a great story.

Oh sure, we know that these over-sized Absolute Editions DC has been putting out are expensive, hedonistic, and more than a little bit nerdly excessive... but who are we to turn our noses up at a little self-indulgence? We just want this beauty on our bookshelves!

"in Heaven, all comics are this good" - James Sime

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Rock & Roll Burlesque All Night
And KISS Tribute Every Day

Do the math: San Francisco's greatest KISS tribute band + some of the cities sexiest burlesque dancers

It's no secret that we here at the Isotope are fans of the grand-daddy gods of fire-breathing cockrock kitsch that is the self-proclaimed greatest rock band of all time, KISS. When we need a little rock and roll all night and party every day and the mighty Gene and Paul aren't available you can find us throwing up the goats for San Francisco's own monsters of KISS tribute rock Destroyer.

Perhaps the only thing that could make an evening of true rock and roll better is the addition of a huge group of SF's best burlesque stars, including Ruby Sparks, Roxy Shocks and Madame Maraschino... quite simply, a night not to be missed!

"She looked hotter than hell all dressed in satins and lace... I looked at her and it was just too clear I had to get on the case"

Dinner provided by Tommy's Joynt in San Francisco

Ian Yarborough - Bon Vivant
(click to enlarge)

Wolfskin #1
Koni Waves #1
Jonah Hex #7

Jared Guenther - Enforcer
(click to enlarge)

Fantastic Four First Family #3
52 Week One
Cthulhu Tales #1

Kirsten Baldock - Special Projects Director
(click to enlarge)

Vampire Loves TPB
The Fate of the Artist TPB
52 Week One

James Sime - Proprietor
(click to enlarge)

52 Week One
Borrowed Time Vol 1 TPB
Henry & Glenn 4-Ever Mini

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Something to get buzzed about courtesy of Isotope Bon Vivant Ian Yarborough.

UPDATE: This just in from Adrienne Rappaport, who most of you will know from her always wonderful work at Sequential Tart or from behind the Isotope bar during special events:

I say, "Holy Crap! That's awesome!"

and Jim says, "Oh no! That's terrible!"

UPDATE: Another email in, this time from Brian Walsh, who you also probably know from Sauce and

Which bar?

Which bar in the Castro was that picture taken at?

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

It's That Time of Year Again
SF Documentary Film Fest

Regular readers of the Isotope Communique will know that we are big fans of the independent films and have even been known to make some of our own. So you know we're going to be catching as much of the San Francisco DocFest as humanly possible. Here are some of the highlights.

Punk Like Me
Rich Wilkes has always wanted to be a rock star and at 37, married, a new dad, and with no singing ability, he finally decided to make it happen. He throws together a punk-rock mariachi band, but quest for sex, drugs & rock 'n roll get complicated when he had to bring his wife, child and in-laws on tour.

Pizza! The Movie
Acrobatic dough tossing? This film chronicles the drama, controversy, and hilarity of uniquely talented pizza acrobats battling through a scandal-and controversy-ridden preliminary dough-tossing competition in New York City and is bound to do for pizza dough tossing what Breakin' did for break dancing.

The Great Happiness Space: Tale of an Osaka Love Thief
A cultural shift in Japan's massive adult entertainment industry has recently created a burgeoning industry: host boy cafes for women in search of young, attractive partners. This flick takes us on a journey into a world where boys trained to have the clothes, the talk, the walk, and the eye for rich girls are selling love in the Osaka underground scene.

The Future of Pinball
Pinball wizards will be interested to hear the inside story of how the world's largest pinball manufacturer tried to revitalize it's dying market with "Pinball 2000" pinball, an idea that died just when it was supposed to take off. Including interviews with legends of the pinball industry, Pinball is a story about personality, passion, and a bold, dizzying success followed by a stunning failure.

Unauthorized and Proud of it: Todd Loren's Rock'N'Roll Comics

A chronicle of Todd Loren, the controversial publisher of unauthorized comic book biographies of rock stars. Despite his success, Loren's inconsistent and frequently insufferable behavior created legions of enemies. At the height of his success, Loren was fatally stabbed, and his murder officially remains unsolved. Here's the story of the man who established First Amendment rights for comics books, while simultaneously pissing off the entire music industry... so be sure to catch this one!

All this and more at the SF DocFest 2006

Behind the Scenes @ the Isotope
Could Something Secret Be Going On?

The observant amongst have already noticed that the Isotope Communique has been a little quiet lately. And while it's true with most things internet related that a state of perpetual ebb and flow is the natural order of things, the most astute Isotope observers are beginning to suspect that we are up to something lately. Perhaps even something... secret?

It's been noted on more than a few occasions that the Isotope staff has been playing with the cards pretty close to the chest the past year, and that on more than one occasion have shocked our guests when we've laid those aces down. First a sudden announcement of our move to Hayes Valley, and then one surprise followed the next as we systematically brought in some of the biggest stars the industry has to offer.

Those who suspect there's more going on here at the Isotope than it might appear are encouraged to sign up for our mailing list (as seen on the left hand side of our website) to be first in line to hear about any up-coming announcements...

... just in case we've got something unexpected we might be dealing off the bottom of the deck!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

In celebration of the fourth annual Free Comic Book Day stop on in and pick up some great new free reads on us. Starring these great books... and many many more!