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Join us and comic creating genius Dash Shaw in celebration of his latest book BODYWORLD from Pantheon

April 27th 2010 (click here for more info)


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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

World's Best Comic Stores
Google Map @ Boing Boing

The ever-excellent Dan Shahin of San Jose's Hijinx Comics got the Boing Boing treatment yesterday for his Google Map mashup of world's best comic book stores... which, as you may have expected, features the Isotope.

We here at the Isotope extend our thanks to Mister Shahin for his hard work and have $57.67 worth of cocktails we owe him for the sale we did this morning. Thanks Dan! Check out the map here:

World's Best Comic Book Stores

Monday, January 30, 2006

Grant Morrison's International Guide to Living Fabulously
Featuring the author of We3, The Invisibles, and All Star Superman
Friday, February 10th 2006

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Eric Powell's Monster Mash-Up
Featuring the writer/artist of The Goon & DJ SamSupa
Saturday, February 11th 2006

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Ian Yarborough - Bon Vivant

Catwoman #51
Godland TPB
Green Lantern Corps Recharge #4

Jared Guenther - Enforcer

Living In Infamy #2
Doris Danger Seeks Where Giant Monsters Creep & Stomp #1
Red Sonja Vs Thulsa Doom (Dell'Otto Cover)

Kirsten Baldock - Special Projects Director

Serenity TPB
Lex Luthor Man of Steel TPB
Nextwave #1

James Sime - Proprietor

Godland TPB
Nextwave #1
Bambi & Her Pink Gun TPB Vol 2

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Blisteringly Great Old School Punk
The Avengers @ Cafe Du Nord

Legendary west coast godfathers of punk The Avengers return to the Cafe Du Nord with an evening of cranked up guitars, catchy up-beat hooks, singer Penelope Houston's rip-roaring vocals, and a crowd that just can't get enough. Founded in the earliest days of the west coast punk movement, The Avengers definitely deal up the classic Three Chord Monte you've been hungering for.

Join the Isotope in seeing these punk pioneers and find out what makes Dead Kennedys Jello Biafra say "The Avengers are one of the best bands America ever produced in its whole history of any kind of music" and Isotope Bon Vivant Ian Yarborough say "I think I'm in love."

The Avengers @ Cafe du Nord
2170 Market Street
Sunday, January 22nd

For more information visit

Friday, January 20, 2006

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Thanks DC. That was some great fucking comics.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

It's That Time of Year Again
Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics

SAN FRANCISCO (January 16th, 2006) Acclaimed San Francisco comics retailer James Sime, proprietor of Isotope - the comic book lounge, announced today that submissions for the fourth-annual Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics will be accepted until March 15th at midnight. "The beginning of the new year always rings in that moment of true greatness for our industry's mini-comic creators," Sime told his confidantes at Comic Book Galaxy, and a few others as well, "It's time to fire up your printers and copy machines again, and to score yourself some of the gold and the glory that is the fourth annual Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics!"

This coveted award, known internationally for launching the professional comic careers of Rob Osborne (1000 STEPS TO WORLD DOMINATION), Josh Cotter (SKYSCRAPERS OF THE MIDWEST), and Daniel Merlin Goodbrey (THE LAST SANE COWBOY), is a beautifully hand-crafted statue sculpted by designer Crowe made entirely from carved ebony fossil stone and satin silver. "It's the pointiest award I'm aware of," AdHouse Books publisher, Chris Pitzer commented, "It could sure do some damage. It also throws the lucky mini-comics creator into the spotlight of the Alternative Press Expo. THAT could mean added sales of your comic, more invites to parties, and a possible deal with a boutique juggernaut of publishing, like AdHouse Book. In the end, it's your chance to reach for the stars, with your feet on the ground."

The award selection committee for 2006 remains a mix of comic aficionados, entrepreneurs, artists, and industry impresarios. Including self-publishers, mini-comic creators and, of course, a person who sells comics for a living, "Everybody in the industry already knows how this works, we like to keep the committee fresh by bringing in new blood each year, but still ensure that the Isotope Awards Committee covers the entire spectrum of the mini-comic equation," Sime declared, "Like last year I'll be on the judging committee once again, as will be PopImage columnist Jason McNamara who has a voracious appetite for minis and always keeps his finger on the pulse of what's happening. Representing for the classic literature set we've got our comic lovin' Librarian in the form of Isotope Special Projects Director Kirsten Baldock who heads up our judging committee. And for our new additions this year we're bringing on board some individuals I'm very proud to have on our judging committee: the mini-comic creator who blew our minds last year and took home the 2005 Isotope Award for his awesome mini, Daniel Merlin Goodbrey, and comic publisher, Chris Pitzer, who has, perhaps, the most impeccable taste in all of comics.

As always, the only fee for entry to this competition is five copies of your mini-comic sent to Isotope's Special Projects Director Kirsten Baldock at the Isotope address (326 Fell St. San Francisco, CA 94102) before the March 15th deadline. As is tradition, the award will be given out at a grand ceremony during APE AFTERMATH at the Isotope in conjunction with San Francisco's ALTERNATIVE PRESS EXPO. San Francisco’s APE convention has been a forum for small and independent publishers in the industry for many years. Because of the nature of this award, the winner will be contacted in advance and must be present at the Isotope at 9 PM on Saturday, April 8th for the award presentation ceremony.

"These award ceremonies are a blast, and without question this year's will be the best one yet!" enthused Sime, "And this year, I've got a sexy new location that's going to rock people's worlds! And it's right in the heart of San Francisco, only a stone's throw from the Concourse Convention Center and any hotel you could possibly want to say at. Trust me, this year is going to Eleven!"

"I've said it before and I'll say it again. Mini-comics are the basement tapes of the comic industry," Sime said, "And just like basement tapes, this is where the raw creative spark is at it's brightest. We're talking the bleeding edge of comics innovation and this is where the industry's superstars of tomorrow are perfecting their riffs and chops today. We want to shine the spotlight on the work these future superstars are making... that's what the Isotope Award is all about! I know you people out there have some great minis, so send them in and together let's show the world how hard mini-comics can rock!"

The Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics could be yours, submissions of five copies accepted until March 15th at 326 Fell St. San Francisco, CA 94102. For more information contact the Isotope at (415) 621 - 6543 or at

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Hard-Hitting Local Hero
Joins Monster-Clobbering Ranks

As if things weren't glorious enough already for Isotope Special Ops agent Josh Richardson, today's headline tells the tale of young Josh being called to duty working on one of the best comics being published today... color flatting Eric Powell's multiple Eisner award-winning The Goon!

Here at the Isotope we couldn't be happier to hear the news. Go knock 'em dead, Josh!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Jim Lee @ the Isotope
With Eye Popping 3-D

If you're one of those poor suckers who haven't attended one of the Isotope's events in person or found yourself too wiped out by the manic Isotopic pace we rock at here to attend our All Star Bash with Jim Lee, Lee Bermejo, Matteo Casali, Michele Petrucci, and Grazia Lobaccaro we can't help but feel a little sorry for you. But don't worry, we've put together a short video so you don't have to feel left out any longer!

So g'wan, shake down our pals at Rainbow Symphony for a free pair of classic 3-D specs, microwave some popcorn, park your ass in your favorite easy chair, and point your browser towards this:

(click here to play)

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Doctor Who hits American televisions this March with 13 episodes airing on the Sci Fi Channel, Friday nights @ 9pm. Check out the full story here.

A big Isotope thanks for the heads up, Ash!

Ian Yarborough - Bon Vivant
As Nikolai Dante from Prog 1287 click to enlarge

Nikolai Dante Vol 1: The Romanov Dynasty TPB
Nikolai Dante Vol 2: The Great Game TPB
Nikolai Dante Vol 3: The Courtship of Jena Makarov TPB

Jared Guenther - Enforcer
As Rogue Trooper from Prog 568 click to enlarge

Family HC
Rogue Trooper Vol 3: Eye of the Traitor TPB
Nikolai Dante Vol 3: The Courtship of Jena Makarov TPB

Kirsten Baldock - Special Projects Director
As Judge Anderson from Prog 472 click to enlarge

Nikolai Dante Vol 3: The Courtship of Jena Makarov TPB
Red Seas: Under The Banner of King Death HC
Robohunter Vol 3: Play it Again, Sam TPB

James Sime - Proprietor
As Zenith from Prog 627 click to enlarge

Nikolai Dante Vol 3: The Courtship of Jena Makarov TPB
Family HC
2000ad Prog 2006


Tuesday, January 10, 2006

What You'll Be Doing January 13 - 26th
San Francisco's Noir Film Fest

It's that time of year again! Fourteen days of hard boiled heroes, nihilistic thugs, ordinary people over the line, dirty deals gone wrong, and the kind of femme fatales that you just know aren't good for you... but you can't help but love them anyway.

Noir City, San Francisco's world-famous festival celebrating the greatest cinema ever made, will be transforming the Palace of Fine Arts into the Noir City nightclub complete with night after night of great jazz from the Marcus Shelby Trio, Johnny Nocturne's Noir Combo, and legendary jazzman Charlie Haden.

And the flicks? An amazing selection of black and white motion pictures await those who venture onto the dark side of the street, including Raymond Chandler's stunning Blue Dahlia featuring the gorgeous, booze-addled couple of Alan Ladd and Veronica Lake, the oh so rare noir gem Nightmare Alley, Lee Garmes' Crime Without Passion and never-before-screened copies of W.R. Burnett's Nobody Lives Forever and the 1949 suspense classic The Window, and many, many more.

Featuring special guests Coleen Gray, Charlie Haden, Stanley Rubinm and James Ellroy. Not to be missed!

Noir City
@ the San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts & the Balboa Theater
January 13-26, 2006

Isotope's Favorite Club
Gets The Love

Shine, the swanky new club owned and operated by our amigos at our favorite after-hours haunt Sauce, breaks big news today with a feature story on CNET's for being the only bar on the planet which has a photobooth hooked directly up to the popular photo sharing site Flickr.

The Mission Street ass-shaking epicenter has been a frequent stop for us since opening back in November, and a quick dig through Shine's photobooth archives will reveal not only reams of cool San Francisco denizens, but also several members of the Isotope staff. If you haven't made it out to SF's hottest new nexus of nightlife yet, you are truly missing out on a great place to have a cocktail, ride the world's coolest photobooth, meet friendly new folks, and get your boogie on!

Congrats out to the fine folks at Shine for the great news!

Read the full CNET article here on

UPDATE: Double congrats! This story was also featured on Boing Boing

Monday, January 09, 2006

Richardson Resumes Trenches
And Goes Isotope Special Ops

He's been called "the greatest man in comics right now" and an "unstoppable juggernaut of comics power" but it's not the ravings of Richardson's legions of pre-pubescent fans that impress us here at the Isotope. We like the man's work ethic.

Known for his behind-the-scenes work on books like NYC Mech, Full Moon Fever, Expatriate, and the legendary Smoke & Guns in a few short years Richardson has forged himself a legacy unmatched by his peers and built himself into nothing short of a legend in the comics field. And that's why Josh Richardson can now be found featured at the Isotope for the most elite of special operations and tackling some of the Isotope's most dangerous assignments.

As if being appointed to these new tasks here at the Isotope and taking on a new role at publisher AIT/PlanetLar wasn't enough, Richardson's brought back his popular behind-the-scenes series of In The Trenches columns with rapid-fire updates.

Read. Learn. Celebrate. In The Trenches by Josh Richardson

Comic Book Galaxy Asks
"What Will 2006 Bring?"

Comic Book Galaxy one of the web's best, longest-running, and (at times) most controversial collection of industry commentators and evangelists sat down at the dawn of the new year with a few friends and even one Isotope proprietor to talk about the year ahead. Read what Chris Hunter, Rob Vollmar, Chris Allen, Joe Rice, Christopher Butcher, Alex Ness, JC Glindmyer, and Isotope Proprietor James Sime have to say about the next 12 months. Including:

Comic Book Galaxy: What dream project would you like to see released in the coming year? Not an already-scheduled title, but some pie-in-the-sky combination of creator(s) and project/title that you think would set the industry/audience on fire.

James Sime: Well, it's easy to say something like, oh I don't know... Brian "Y THE LAST MAN" Vaughan and Jim "STREET ANGEL" Rugg doing AMAZING SPIDER-MAN or Grant "SEVEN SOLDIERS" Morrison and Charles "BLACK HOLE" Burns doing PHANTOM STRANGER because... (laugh)! Man, would those be some great comics!

But me personally, I'm a guy who always loves checking out new things from new folks. And any brief tour of the vast array of comic-related blogs, message boards and news sites will show that there are literally thousands of intelligent, funny, passionate and creative comic readers out there, some of whom I think could bring amazing things to the comic industry as publishers, retailers, and creators. That's what I'd like to see as a dream project that would set the industry on fire, thousands of potential comic creators bringing the passion, charm and wit that makes them such entertaining writers, pontificators, and industry personalities to the published comic book page. Wouldn't it be cool to go to the comic shop and be able to pick up monthly books from people like Ian Brill, Chris Butcher, Graeme McMillan, Heidi MacDonald, Sean Maher, John Jakala, Joanna Draper Carlson, Augie de Blieck, and Neilalien? Me, I'd love it.

And let's be honest here... what Comic Book Galaxy reader wouldn't want to get their hands on Mister Alan David Doane's ARCTIC SHITKNIFE?

Check out the full 2006 roundtable here:

... and as far as Comic Book Galaxy's own Mister Doane's recent comments about comic retail... we here at the Isotope agree wholeheartedly.