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DASH SHAW at the Isotope!

Join us and comic creating genius Dash Shaw in celebration of his latest book BODYWORLD from Pantheon

April 27th 2010 (click here for more info)


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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Ian Yarborough - Bon Vivant

Shaolin Cowboy #3
Dark Mists #1
Doc Frankenstein #3

Jared Guenther - Enforcer

Hellboy: The Island #1
Captain America #7
Man With The Screaming Brain #2

Kirsten Baldock - Special Projects Director

House of M #2
Sea of Red #3
Hellboy: The Island #1

James Sime - Proprietor

Astro City: Dark Age #1
Man With The Screaming Brain #2
Dog Witch #17

Friday, June 24, 2005

Worldwide Comic Party
In Honor of MillarWorld's Re-Launch

With our friends at MillarWorld gearing up for a glorious relaunch and a massive worldwide drink-up scheduled in its honor, the Isotope will be doing our part to commenorate this event and enrich the international comic celebration.

Join us, won't you?

Saturday, July 2nd
7pm - 2am
@ 326 Fell Street.

(coat and tie not required)

Click here for Drinky Time flyer

Getting to Know The Isotope's New Neighborhood
Sauce @ Gough & Oak

When it comes to restaurants that make the Isotope squeal with epicurean joy, Sauce stands tall. This always elegant, never pretentious restaurant features a stylish yet relaxed staff and a menu full of the things that make you glad to be alive. The featured mouth watering creations represent the nexus where California cuisine and comfort food meet and include such items as delicious portobello mushroom fries, a shaved steak salad with whole cow's milk gorgonzola dressing, and a hearty meatloaf wrapped in applewood smoked bacon accompanied by truffle whipped potatoes. Yum!

But this isn't your typical swanky restaurant full of aloof servers and smug bartenders, Sauce is a restaurant with true personality. Co-owners Trip Hosley, brother Nate, and Chef Ben Paula lavish you with the kind of friendly and attentive service that is to be treasured and they have a rare talent for spinning a great yarn you won't soon forget. Our first visit was followed a few days later with a personal email from Trip telling us they had hunted down our favorite gin and that bottles of the glorious Plymouth would forever more be standing tall behind the bar. Now that's service! And when, on only your second visit, the Chef proudly pulls out thousands of dollars worth of construction equipment with an offer to loan them to you "anytime you need them"... you know you've found the kind of restaurant you'd be happy to visit every single day.

Sauce also knows how to make night owls like the Isotope staff feel at home, serving a full menu from 5pm until Midnight and keeping the bar open until 2am. And If you're a drinker in SF and you don't have a fully-activated Sauce Shifter Card in your pocket, which magically transforms the time you arrive into Happy Hour, you're missing out.

131 Gough St @ Oak St

Ghost World & Eighball Creator Dan Clowes
Preaches Windy City Murder Novella Ice Haven @ NPR

Dan Clowes makes some damn fine comic books. Jam-packed full of scathing social satire, thoughtful human beings, and brilliantly simplistic artwork Clowes work has been a staple for indy friendly comic shops since 1989. Clever writing and an acute understanding of the human condition has made Eightball one of the most essential books of the past decade and the excellent film adaption of his Ghost World graphic novel has brought mass media attention to more than just Clowes own work, but to an entire industry of great comic stories.

His latest work, Ice Haven, is inspired by the famous Leopold and Loeb murders in Chicago 1924. Clowes talked to NPR's Fresh Air about his new book and Art School Confidential, his latest film collaboration with director Terry Zwigoff.

Give NPR's Clowes interview a listen here.

And don't forget to get out to Booksmith at 7pm tonight to meet Mister Clowes in person.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Getting to Know The Isotope's New Neighborhood
Hayes Green @ Octavia & Fell st

Whether you have kids or are just a kid at heart, the Isotope's new neighborhood offers a place to frolic on your way to or from picking up your weekly comic fix, the newly constructed Hayes Green.

The Hayes Green, a park located where the new Octavia Boulevard meets Fell and Hayes Streets, which just so happens to be located a half a block from the Isotope's new front door, features expanses of grass, picnic tables, and what the Isotope staff has already dubbed "the best jungle gym ever." (Keep your eyes peeled for pictures of the staff climbing on, hanging from and falling of off this particular piece of park equipment.)

But perhaps the park's most notable feature is the glorious temporary art exhibit that has been the talk of the SF art world, an ornate gazebo-like temple built and designed by local sculptor David Best, whose massive temporary art installations at Burning Man are legendary.

We all suggest checking out this cool metropolitan recreation area and witnessing David Best's latest creation in person when you stop by the Isotope in the coming weeks. Very, very cool.

For more information on this newly erected urban park check out the Isotope's Hayes Green photos, Laughing Squid's pictures of the Hayes Green temple, or read about the project @ Adventures in Urban Living.

Dioramas, A Love Story Gets the Hollywood Optioned
Congratulations, Mister Ricketts!

Dioramas, A Love Story, the murderous love story by Mark Ricketts and Dario Brizuela, earned it's creators the fat Hollywood check this week when it was optioned by Adrian Loudermilk's Venture Productions. Telling the story of maniac Winfield Vickers who expresses his affection for ex-cop Charlotte Ramage through stomach churning and elaborate corpse dioramas.

The Isotope thinks Dioramas has the potential to make an exceptional flick.

Dioramas, A Love Story
by Mark Ricketts & Dario Brizuela
$12.95 for 144 Black and White Pages
From Image Comics

For more on Mark Ricketts visit or check out "Comic Opera" at Isotope Virtual Lounge

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Alex de Campi & Igor Kordey's Smoke
20 Free Copies From the Isotope

Chances are you're already aware of Alex de Campi & Igor Kordey's three issue Smoke series from IDW. The subject of some excellent press and great word of mouth, Smoke is a book you won't want to miss.

Set in the decaying, corrupt shell of a futuristic London, Smoke follows a government assasin as he wrestles with the demands of his violent present and the fragments of his damaged past. Written in an unapologetically sardonic style by Alex de Campi and brought to life in gorgeous detail by former New X-Men artist Igor Kordey. Picked "Best of the Week" by the esteemed comics reviewer Randy Lander and enjoyed by all who have had the chance to read it, Smoke #1 offers up some really great entertrainment wrapped up in a gorgeous package.

And now the Isotope is giving twenty lucky winners a chance to score Smoke for free!

In order to participate in The Smoke Filled Giveaway all you have to do is send your mailing address to by Sunday, June 12th at midnight Pacific time. Winners will be selected at random and posted on Alex de Campi's "Full Tilt Boogie" Messageboard thoughout the day on Monday, June 13th.

What are you waiting for? Get your Smoke on!

Friday, June 03, 2005

Entrepreneurs Know Goodness When They See It
Isotope's New Digs Featured

Known to smart businesspersons, industrialists, entrepreneurs, and financiers as an outstanding source for information about the world in which independent business owners live, the Successful Entrepreneurs blog knows a winning business move when they see it. So it is a great honor that this excellent entrepreneurial focused website has decided to shine the spotlight on Isotope's recent announcement of a move to a bigger, lovelier, and SF city central location.

With so much attention starting to be focused on the Isotope's new digs and our new neighborhood making huge news this week, there can be little doubt that our new location will be helping us with our never-ending quest to bring comics and graphic novels to the forefront of the art, entertainment, and business worlds.

Successful Entrepreneurs Blog

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Isotope Relocates to the Heart of SF
Redefining Comic Indusrty Style this July 1st

In celebration of our four year anniversary, the Isotope has announced the glorious move to a bigger, sexier, and utterly beautiful location this coming July. Over half a year in the top-secret planning stages, the Isotope staff has been scouring the city for the perfect combination of neighborhood, transportation, parking, and esthetics to bring the epicenter of comic culture to the people.

This new oversized, multi-leveled Isotope features everything the staff could have asked for in a new location... nearly three times the retail space, a central location right in the heart of SF, plenty of effortless non-metered parking, more public transportation access than we know what to do with, fourteen foot high lofted ceilings, and literally surrounded by the kind of cool small businesses that make you proud to live in the San Francisco Bay Area. All that and the new Isotope location is also very, very pretty... go ahead, see for yourself.

Located in the epicenter of cool San Francisco culture, the swank Hayes Valley neighborhood is known for one of the highest concentrations of "Best of the Bay" awarded boutiques, restaurants, designers, night spots, and specialty shops in the entire city, so there is no doubt that the Isotope's unique brand of comic retailing and culture will be a perfect fit for this stylish, hip, and rapidly growing neighborhood. Download the Isotope's Hayes Valley Neighborhood Guide for information on arriving at, parking near, and enjoying our new urban environs.

Isotope - the comic book lounge
326 Fell St @ Gough
San Francisco, CA 94102
Starting July 1, 2005