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DASH SHAW at the Isotope!

Join us and comic creating genius Dash Shaw in celebration of his latest book BODYWORLD from Pantheon

April 27th 2010 (click here for more info)


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Friday, April 29, 2005

Ravenous - Dinner On The Edge Of Your Seat
A Decadent Cabaret Extravaganza

Eat, drink, and be entertained beyond your wildest dreams!

Ravenous is a multi-sensory spectacular featuring outrageous vaudevillian acts, mad circus performers, and the culinary delights of some of San Francisco's most scandalous chefs. Featuring the daredevil trapeze action of the Lascivious LaRue Sisters, San Francisco's own Loco Bloco's frenzy of circus stilt walking antics, and the most fabulous Cuban exile in the capitalist world Miss Coco Lopez. A benefit for Queeruption 2005, Ravenous kicks off the brand new, relocated 848 Community Space in high style. Come and join the festivities!

Ravenous @ CounterPULSE
1310 Mission St
8pm Friday, April 29
Click here for more information

Eisner-Nominated Artist James Jean
Blows Minds & Talks Up Process Recess

After years of mouth-wateringly glorious comic covers on series like Fables and Green Arrow, legendary cover artist, James Jean, finally gave fans what they really wanted...a whole lot more James Jean art.

Process Recess, a sketchbook representing five years of Jean's art, was released through Adhouse Books just in time for the Alternative Press Expo this year and sold out wintin hours of the opening of the convention.

Fans who haven't gotten their hands on a copy of this brick red gem of a hardcover yet, can get a peak at what they are missing as well as some insight on the personal process of making a sketchbook from Mister Jean himself in his interview with Jennifer Contino of The Pulse. Check it out here.

Process Recess
$25 for 224 full color pages
From AdHouse Books

The New Fluidity in Design
@ San Jose Museum of Art

"Blobjects," those amoebic-shaped things that look like they were plucked straight out of a Flash Gordon comic book, have staked their curvaceous claim to modern architecture and to 21st century consumer product design. Driven by the decreasing cost and escalating power of hardware and software advances in prototyping and manufacturing, retro-futuristic blobjects have invaded every aspect of contemporary life from the tiny techno-blobject to skyscraper blobitecture.

The San Jose Museum of Art is welcoming one and all to engross themselves in liquidy creations and lots of smooth curves with their first-ever exhibition devoted to industrial design. See examples of amoebic things from the smallest scale to the largest, including the undulating Blobject Chair by artist Karim Rashid, foam-based Project Scorpion Military Armor from weapons manufacturers Crye Associates, and the oh-so-sexy Curvaceousness Motorcycle from customizer Cory Ness.

Blobjects & Beyond
@ the San Jose Museum of Art
Through Sunday, July 10th

Monday, April 25, 2005

Where High Octane Muscle-Car Mayhem
And Trigger-Happy Cigarette Girls Meet

No doubt you've already heard about Black Diamond, the whiplash-inducing high-octane adventure that takes place on quasi-futuristic elevated interstate system by muscle-car aficionados Larry Young and Jon Proctor. And you've certainly already heard about Smoke And Guns, the original story about warring gangs of heavily armed girls who sell cigarettes for a living and buy bullets for protection from rival districts by Brazilian artist Fabio Moon and the Isotope's own Kirsten Baldock, who just so happens to be a former cigarette girl herself.

Sure you've heard about it, but have you seen it?

Well now you can! Find out what the buzz is about for yourself thanks to this massive 16 page PDF preview of AIT/PlanetLar's most hotly anticipated book of the summer the Black Diamond/Smoke & Guns Flip Book.

Click here to Download

With orders for this book due in just over a week it's not too late to call your local retailer and demand a copy of this book. You can reach the Isotope's Black Diamond/Smoke & Guns Flip-Book Hotline at (415) 753 - 3037. For more information click here.

British Superstar Artist Jock Shows A Sneak Peek
At Upcoming Batman and Detective Comics Covers

Making his mark on the American comics scene in a big way with the first issue of The Losers, British artist Jock's work is without a doubt some of the best comics being made today. Known for crafting some of the best comic covers in the business, he has recently taken over cover art duties on two of DC Comic's most prestigious titles Batman and Detective Comics. There can be no doubt that once these issues hit stands that Jock's bold and powerful sense of line and design will make these comics literally leap off the new arrivals rack.

Today over on the Isotope Virtual Lounge Jock is really strutting his stuff showing off some of his jaw-droppingly amazing covers from these two books, including the preliminary drafts. Definitely not to be missed!

Click here to see these covers in full-sized glory and more

Here's a taste to wet your appetite:

A Round of Applause for A Mini-Comic Success Story
Bumperboy Loses His Marbles From AdHouse Books

Bumperboy has long been one of the Isotope's absolute favorite mini-comics, and we're proud to say that 2005 has already been a great year for our cute little rolling friends Bumperboy and Bumperpup!

If being awarded the coveted Xeric Grant earlier this year wasn't enough reason to celebrate, Bumperboy's frantic marble-chasing adventures are being collected by our friends at AdHouse Books and is now available for pre-order. The Isotope would once again like to give AdHouse Books a standing ovation for helping to bring such great comics to the attention of a world-wide audience and for their exceptional taste in mini-comic entertainment!

With his prized marble collection gone missing and the big Marble Tournament only hours away can Bumperboy and his trusty friend Bumperpup possibly the missing marbles in time?

Bumperboy Loses His Marbles by Debbie Huey
$7.95 for 96 Black and White Pages
From AdHouse Books
Shipping this July. Diamond Order Code: MAY05 2383

For those fans that are reading Bumperboy in mini-comic form, the latest issue Bumperboy: First Day of School is in stock @ the Isotope!

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Ian Yarborough - Bon Vivant

Question #6
Small Gods #8
Books of Magic: Life During Wartime #10

Jared Guenther - Enforcer

Jenny Finn: Doom
Billy The Kid - Old Timey Oddities
Seven Soldiers: Klarion #1

Kirsten Baldock - Special Projects Director

Ex Machina #10
Four Letter Worlds TPB
Walking Dead #18

James Sime - Proprietor

The Legend of Grimjack Vol 2 TPB
Billy The Kid - Old Timey Oddities
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Spider-Man 2005

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Exclusive Five Page First Look
At NYC Mech: Beta Love #1

"Think of your old comics as Betamax and NYC Mech as full digital surround." - Ivan Brandon.

The Isotope is proud to present this exclusive five-page first look at the upcoming NYC Mech: Beta Love series from Image Comics. Authors Ivan Brandon, Miles Gunter, and artist Andy MacDonald return for another look into the mechanized burroughs of the NYC Mech world, along with their latest team addition colorist Nick Filardi. Like a Hajime Sorayama painting come to life, this new series promises the neo-noir you've come to expect. See what happens when Quentin, an automated bus-driving everymech, gets in way, way over his head thanks to the wild ways of a dangerous animatronic dame who has a clip full of bullets and a passion for speed.

So what are you waiting for?

Click here to download the NYC Mech: Beta Love preview now

NYC Mech: Beta Love #1
Available May 4th
from Image Comics

And if that's not enough NYC Mech for you, read the first two issues of the last series absolutely free by clicking this link.

Puffy AmiYumi @ The Fillmore
Bubblegum J-Pop Superstars Invade SF

Japan's hyperactively irresistible j-pop rock duo Puffy AmiYumi are known for catchy, candy-coated pop that sticks to your brain like pink bubblegum. Popularized by the pre-fab Teen Titans theme song and for starring in their very own Cartoon Network Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi show, Ami Onuki and Yumi Yoshimura are on a mission to bring most refreshing joy and pure fun to America.

Join the Isotope and the wild girls on circuit as we catch some Puffymania next week, won't you?

Puffy AmiYumi @ The Fillmore
1805 Geary Blvd
Wednesday April 27th

For those of you who are regulars at Isotope events or for just the trivia buffs out there, the Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi show is written by Isotope amigo and Hench author Adam Beechen. Visit the official Puffy AmiYumi website here

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

How Comic Self Publishing is Done
Blackeyes, Broken Bones, and All

They say you can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs and comic book self-publishing is no different. Industry personality and journalista Matt Maxwell has spent the past year and a half bashing his way through obstacles by the dozen to get his self-published western-horror hybrid Strangeways into the hands of the people, and he's taken his share of busted noses and blackeyes to prove it. But Maxwell refused to let the flurry of sucker punches, sharp left hooks, and knockout roundhouses deter him from making his dream a reality, and with the eventual solicitation of Strangeways a mere handful of months away he's standing strong where lesser men would have stayed down for the count.

And in his wake he has left behind a path of knowledge that is more valuable than gold, with some of the most critical and important self-publishing information from members of the comic industry's wisest self publishers ever committed to the internet. If you're looking at getting into that self-publishing brawl... you're going to need to go through The School of Hard Knocks first. And Maxwell is going to take you through every stinking gym he knows of to get you there.

So if you're a self-publisher or a wanna-be self-publisher, or if you just like to see a guy who can take a punch to the head, Matt Maxwell's School of Hard Knocks is for you.

Taking the Plunge
Shut Up
The End is the Beginning
Writing is the Least of Your Worries

Official Spring Apocalyptic Film & Video Festival
Where Badfilm Gets 3 Simultaneous Screens of Glory!

Test your capacity for high weirdness, give your brain the ultimate washing, and challenge the unknown recesses of the yeti psyche with hundreds of hours of Dobbs-approved strangeness with the Official SubGenius Spring Apocalyptic Film & Video Festival... the only Bay Area Film Festival with a hot-tub!

See bizarre original films and startling video evidence by overministers of the SubGenius church such as Dr. Philo Drummond, Nancy Denny-Phelps, Doug Wellman, K-Rob, Mark McGothigan, Bishop Joey Dr. Howland Owll, and the late Jeff Robins, drink intoxicating beverages of your own bringing, eat delicious snacks of your own acquiring, and ingest mind-altering substances of your own making while the simultaneous triplex of flickering screen hypnosis lulls you into submission. Expect impromptu performances, strange gags, and shocking surprises.

$5 gets you in the door $30 sells your soul.

Official SubGenius Spring Apocalyptic Film & Video Festival
@ House of Dobbs Slackplex 6952 Simson Street, Oakland
Friday April 22nd and Saturday April 23rd. 6PM - 5:30 AM.

For more information call (510) 633-1981 or visit

Four Letter Words Explored
In Star-Studded Four Letter Worlds TPB

Image Comics takes a look at life's big picture with Four Letter Worlds an examination of "Love," "Hate," "Fear," and "Fate" and how these four simple words impact different people's lives. And at long last the hotly anticipated new anthology from some of the Isotope's favorite creators hits store shelves this Wednesday!

Stories of Fear by Mark Ricketts with Phil Hester, Steve Lieber, and Scott Morse. Tales of Hate by Jay Faerber with Steve Rolston, and Robert Kirkman with Matt Roberts. Accounts of Fate by Matt Fraction with Kieron Dwyer, and Chynna Clugston-Major. And yes, even stories of Love by Joe Casey with Mike Huddleston, Jeff Parker, Jim Mahfood, and B. Clay Moore with art by Steven Griffin. And that's just scratching the surface, clocking in with sixteen stories by some of the industry's best talents Four Letter Worlds is sure to satisfy your anthology urge for weeks to come!

Four Letter Worlds TPB
$12.95 for 144 pages
From Image Comics
(in stores this Wednesday, April 20th)

Check out some Four Letter previews here.

Going Under The Skin
With The Universe Within

Is it Science or is it Art? Either way, it’s Gray’'s Anatomy up close and in person.

Whether you're a burgeoning Leonardo Da Vinci, a slasher flick enthusiast, or just a student of the unusual, you’ll want to check out the Nob Hill Masonic Center’s current exhibit, The Universe Within. This exhibit gives you an up close and personal view at what normally only doctors and scientists are allowed to see first-hand revealing the complexity of the human body and allowing visitors a chance to see their inner make-up in all it's gory glory, because The Universe Within features real human bodies immortalized and sterilized through plastination.

Art and anatomy collide head first with life-sized exhibits that show what a man would look like if the muscles where peeled from his body as he was running, an in-depth exploration of the central nervous system, and many. many more unusual flesh sculptures. Creepy, fascinating, and utterly educational.

Nob Hill Masonic Center  
1111 California St
San Francisco

For more information visit

Ian Yarborough - Bon Vivant

Mr. Nile: The Illustrated Bastard
Superman Vs The Flash TP
Supreme Power HC

Jared Guenther - Enforcer

Flaming Carrot #2
Ultimates 2 #5
The Girl Who Talked

Kirsten Baldock - Special Projects Director

Mora #2
The Last Sane Cowboy
Fables #36

James Sime - Proprietor

The Last Sane Cowboy
Th1rt3en TPB
Adam Strange #7

Monday, April 18, 2005

The Eagle Has Landed
Houston, We Have Comics!

What happens when hungry astronauts land at the Isotope on New Comics Day looking for their weekly funnybook fix and something to snack on? Find out as Commander Mindy Owens and Flight Engineer Graeme McMillan take to the streets of San Francisco in a quest to find delightful high-gravity Earth snacks!

Spacewalk at the Isotope

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Famous Computer Outlaws
Hack Isotope Virtual Lounge 2.0

The recently launched Isotope Virtual Lounge 2.0 was the latest target to fall victim to the code cracking wizardry of the the much-publicized computer outlaw duo known only as Crash Override and Acid Burn. These notorious computer terrorists made a name for themselves by hacking the telephones in Grand Central Station and digitally breaking into the Gibson supercomputer which was the subject of a 1995 feature-length documentary.

With several dollars devoted each year to security, comic industry messageboards are known as some of the most secure websites of all but over the last several months these outlaw computer anarchists have been proving beyond a shadow of doubt that they are indeed as skilled and dangerous as their reputations would suggest by systematically taking down these unhackable websites with the help of an elite team of hip, smartly dressed, and rebellious anarchist computer prodigies with names like Lord Nikon, Cereal Killer, and Phantom Phreak.

In an effort to keep these individuals from causing any more damage to international security or modern society as we know it the Isotope has included some of the only known photographs of these master criminals. If you have any information regarding these laptop wielding data assassins please contact the US Justice Department's Cybercrimes Division (hope I got that link right).

By the time the Isotope Virtual Lounge hosts at Invison Power Services found out about this disastrous attack against the very foundation of modern life and the security of free worldwide comic discussion, it took a grueling and arduous several minutes to undo the terrible damage these cyber terrorists had wrought. The Isotope is thankful to Senior Technician Stewart Campbell for his hard work.

In Other News: It only took nine days for our new messageboard to become so important that it would warrant the personal time and attention of the most elite hackers to ever walk the Earth? Not bad, people... not bad at all. I think this calls for a champagne toast!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Stand and Deliver to Get Your Grubby Mitts
On Free Autographed Copies of Sea of Red

Listen up ye scallywags! As ye surely know, this Wednesday the good ship Isotope be throwing a rum-soaked bash with those filthy curs Kieron Dwyer and Rick Remender in celebration of the launch of Sea of Red. For many of ye this be news of the greatest sort, but for others whose ships be too far out at sea to participate, the wild-eyed privateer Captain Sime has devised a plan to include as many of ye scurvy dogs and buccaneers as his generosity can muster... the Isotope crew be giving away free autographed copies of Sea of Red #1 to comic lovin' old salts from across the seven seas!

To get yer filthy fingers on Remender and Dwyer's free autographed bootie... ye must live by the pirates code and enter the Sea of Red contest!

The rules, me harties, they be simple. This Wednesday call the good ship Isotope at (415) 753-3037 between 4pm and 7pm Pacific time, tell the salty dog who answers the phone "I be ready to stand and deliver. Put those lily-livered swine Dwyer and Remender on the phone!" and proceed to threaten, annoy, curse, or make ridiculous piratey demands upon those dirty, bilge-sucking sprogs Dwyer and Remender in ye best pirate voice and we will send ye yer very own personalized, autographed copy of Sea of Red #1!

The better the insults ye give the greater your ill-gotten gains will be, and only the most despicable of freebooters will get their pieces of eight. So make ye call with the filthiest talk, ye most unwashed insults, and ye most profanest of pirate discourse... and Sea of Red #1 will be yours.

More Seven Soldiers This Wednesday
Grant Morrison & Ryan Sook Do Zatanna

If you're anything like the staff here at the Isotope you've been devouring Grant Morrison's latest series of multiple mini-series Seven Soldiers... and you love the work of artist extrodinare Ryan Sook. What happens when you mix these two and throw in DC Comics queen cheesecake chicanery? You get some damn fine comics, that's what!

Zatanna has long been DC Comics answer to those who love a little top hat and fishnet stockings action in their magical psuedo-superhero comics and in this new series Morrison adds in mystic detox, reality tv, tropical islands, and plenty of high buddah weirdness. And this Wednesday Zatanna can be all yours.

For a sneak peek check out this interview on Newsarama with the awesome Ryan Sook or you can also check out a full-color, fully-lettered five page Zatanna preview at and if you're like the Isotope staff and want to see Ryan Sook's art in glorious black and white you can see those here.

Seven Soldiers: Zatanna
$2.99 for 32 full color pages
From DC Comics
(in stores April 6th)

Featuring Kieron Dwyer & Rick Remender
@ the Isotope. Wedneday, April 6th

For those who missed out on the crazy fun that was Instant Brubaker, here's another watch-us-pull-a-rabbit-out-of-our-hats Isotope in-store event! The first issue of Kieron Dwyer and Rick Remender's upcoming vampire-pirate action adventure series Sea of Red from Image Comics hits this Wednesday, and although the Isotope staff are busy as hell gearing up for the Alternative Press Expo we couldn't resist doing something special to celebrate.

So clear your schedule and join Rick Remender and Kieron Dwyer here at the Isotope. From 3pm to past your bedtime, the boys will we chillin' out at the Isotope, drinking beer, talking trash, burning up our drafting table with sketches, and signing comics from 3pm to 10pm this Wednesday.

Stop on in, check out the book, meet the guys, throw back a cold one, and have a great time with us, won't you?

Click here for full sized event flyer

Ian Yarborough - Bon Vivant

Mr. Nile: The Illustrated Bastard
Superman Vs The Flash TP
Supreme Power HC

Jared Guenther - Enforcer

Flaming Carrot #2
Ultimates 2 #5
The Girl Who Talked

Kirsten Baldock - Special Projects Director

Mora #2
The Last Sane Cowboy
Fables #36

James Sime - Proprietor

The Last Sane Cowboy
Th1rt3en TPB
Adam Strange #7